I already commissioned 6:30 of subtitles, that mostly I share here for free, in the videography section.
So there's still 23:30 of video to get subtitled .
I pay about 1h of subtitle time $ 100 . So, he stills for over $ 2,300!
To me alone I can financialy commissioned 1 hour of subtitle per month.
So I made a paypal pot so that you can help me financially to make these subtitles, so that it goes faster.
And at first I will share the new subtitles that I have already commissioned to all people who make a participation.
So to receive the subtitles of "Cute Beauty Boobs VIP Maid Service" (part 1), please make a donation by clicking on that link :

Or send me BTC. (that's the way I pay the guy, so I prefer this way) here's my BTC wallet address :


Don't forget to add your email address when you sending BTC

"Cute Beauty Boobs VIP Maid Service" :